Red Shawl
Purple Ruffle
Blue Cotton Scarf
Wild and Wooly Wolf Wrap
Jungle Walk
Sunlit Forest
Cumberland Gap
Kentucky River
Symbol of Hope
Fire Wrap
Tie Scarf
My Kentucky
Floral Brooch

"Was wearing my wrap this week. Lots of compliments!!  I tell my friends that I’m wearing a great art piece!"

Mary G, Prospect, KY

When you wear my fiber art, it is my wish that you will be wrapped in the happiness from my heart that is lovingly hand felted  into each piece.                                                                                           Sylvia

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Felted Feather
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Juried Member

Juried Artist TAFA List Textile and Fiber Artists

Juried Member

Juried Member


[ hap-tik]


of or relating to the sense of touch; as in the haptic sensation of holding soft, hand felted wool in your hands or the haptic pleasure of  nuno felt draped elegantly around your body.   

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My Kentucky

Hand felted mulberry silk and Polwarth wool wrap. Exhibited at the Ketucky Artisan Center at Berea's "225: Artists Celebrate Kentucky's History." Sold.